Investment Contract Agreement

An investment contract agreement is an agreement entered into between two parties who wish to make an investment. One of the parties to the agreement is the investor and the other party is one who invests money on behalf of the investor.

Sample Investment Contract Agreement

This investment contract agreement is entered into between Mr. Baltro Shaw and M/s Newzen Financial Consultants for the purpose of investment into market related instruments.

The agreement is valid for a period of twelve months and renewable every two years from thereafter.

Details of Investor:

Mr. Baltro Shaw,

#9, Sevenoaks, Kent

London, TN15

Details of Investment Company:

M/s Newzen Financial Consultants

#7, Hull, North Humberside,

London, HU4

Terms of investment contract agreement:

  1. The agreement is entered into for the sole purpose of investment on the part of the investor and will have no rights on the company in any manner.
  2. The investor has to invest an amount of 5000 pounds on or before 31st March 2012 in order to have validity for this contract else making the contract non-enforceable.
  3. The investment is for a period of one year starting from 31st March 2012 and the investor will get back the investment on the maturity date along with an interest of 8% P.A.
  4. In case the company is unable to repay the investment amount on the maturity date along with the interest agreed upon, the company shall be liable to pay a penalty interest of 2% additionally apart from the regular interest until the period of non-return of investment.
  5. The investment contract agreement cannot be terminated by the investor under any circumstances during the investment period. And if he wishes to do so then the investor has to bear pre-closure charges of 2% of the investment amount to the company in order to take back the investment. Apart from this, the company will not be liable to pay any interest to the investor.

Signature of the Investor:

Signature of the Investment Company:

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