Investment Consulting Agreement

Investment consulting agreement is one which is entered into by an investment consultant with an individual or a company. The agreement contains all the details of the agreement that are necessary to bring a binding relationship between the parties to the agreement.

Sample Investment Consulting Agreement

This agreement is entered into between Mr. William Samuel and Catheleen Co Ltd with the intention of seeking investment consultancy services from the former.

Term of Agreement: 12 months

Details of Investment Consultant

Mr. William Samuel

#12, Swansea, West Glamorgan,

London, SA9

Details of Company

M/s Catheleen Co Ltd,

#6, Newport, Gwent,

London, NP19

Terms of Agreement:

  1. The agreement includes all the investment consultancy services that will be provided by the consultant for all the financial products invested by the company.
  2. The duration of the agreement will be for 12 months further extendable for another 24 months on the evaluation of satisfactory performance by the consultant.
  3. The consultant agrees to work from the premises of the company while providing advisory services.
  4. The investment consultant agrees to maintain confidentiality of all the financial information of the company at all times and agrees not to have any consultancy dealing with competitor companies until validity of the agreement.
  5. The consultant will not subcontract the investment consultancy to any other person who is not authorized by the company under any circumstances.
  6. The investment consultancy agreement is liable for termination if the consultant is found to have made any false representation or misleading information in order to enter into this agreement. The agreement can be terminated with immediate effect if the company feels it to be appropriate.
  7. The agreement will have validity only for the purpose of seeking investment consultancy. The company will not hold the consultant responsible for any rapid changes in the market or losses incurred as a result of the consultancy services of the consultant.

Signature of the Company Representative:

Signature of the Investment Consultant:


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