Investment Business Agreement

An investment business agreement is one in which two parties come together due to the investment made by one party into the business of another. The party that is investing is also usually another company. The agreement sets out all the terms and conditions essential for the investment into the business of another company. The terms are applicable to both the companies and signed by the authorized representatives of both the companies.

Sample Investment Business Agreement

This agreement for investment into business is entered into between M/s David Wakefield having registered office at #4, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, London, SR4 hereafter referred to as the business investor and M/s Clark Lindsay Ltd bearing address #9, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, London, SG5 hereafter referred to as the business owner.

Duration of Investment: 24 months

Terms of investment business agreement:

The terms and conditions agreed by both the parties may be enumerated as under:

  1. The business investor agrees to invest an amount of 1 million pounds on or before 15th January 2013 and failure to do so will nullify this agreement in all respects.
  2. The business owner promises to pay a return of 12%P.A to the business investor for the duration of the investment which is for two years.
  3. In case the business owner is unable to pay the promised return on investment then he is liable to pay the interest along with an additional penalty of 2% on the investment until the interest is paid in full.
  4. The business investor cannot withdraw the amount invested in the company until the lapse of the lock-in period of two years until and unless agreed upon mutually by the board of members of both the companies.
  5. The agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the court prevalent in the area of the business owner and all disputes will have to be filed accordingly.

Signature of the Business Investor:

Signature of the Business Owner:

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