Investment Agreement Template

An investment agreement template is a ready to use document which lays down the format in which an investment agreement must be drafted. These templates can be designed for various different types of investment agreements and then upon needs and requirements they can be used accordingly. An investment agreement template contains details regarding the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Investment Agreement Template

This investment agreement has been drafted on _________ [date on which the agreement is registered] between _________ [name of the investor] residing at:

Address: _______ Street address   _________ City name ________ State ________ Postal code

And ________ [name of the company in which the investor is investing] with head office located at:

Address: _______ Street address   _________ City name ________ State ________ Postal code

This agreement is being drafted as per the ________________ [laws as per which the agreement has been drafted].

Terms and conditions:

  1. _______ [name of the investor] will be investing in __________ [kind of investment made]. He will be investing a total amount of ________ [amount of investment in dollars].
  2. ___________ [name of the investor] will be receiving ___________ [amount of return on his investment] on his investment annually.

Find the signature of both the parties mentioned below:

Signature of the investor:                                         Signature of the investment company:

________________                                     _____________

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