Investment Agreement Format

An investment agreement format defines the layout in which an investment agreement is drafted. The format shows the detailed description of the agreement which proves to be very helpful for those people who needs to draft these types of agreements.

Sample Investment Agreement Format

At the beginning of the agreement we have to mention the date on which the agreement has been registered. This should be followed by the name of the parties entering into the agreement that is the name of the investor and the company in which he is investing. The addressees at which the offices of both the parties will be located have to be mentioned as well.

Then we have to mention the name of the law and to which state it belongs as per which the agreement has been drafted.

Then we have to mention the various terms and conditions that the investor has to agree to:

  1. It is very necessary to mention the amount the investor is investing.
  2. We also have to mention the kind of investment being made by the investor and the returns he will be getting on his investment.

The last section of the agreement contains the signature of both the parties involved so as to prove their consent to for the agreement.

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