Investment Agency Agreement

An investment agency agreement is entered into between two parties that offer the agency ship by one party to another. The agreement specifies the appointment of agency for undertaking the investment activities of the other party which can be an individual or a corporate company. The agreement sets out all the terms of appointing agency for investment purpose by the other party.

Sample Investment Agency Agreement

This agreement for investment agency is entered into between M/s Stefan Broniski Advisory Services hereafter known as the agent and M/s Corporate Software World of London hereafter known as the investor on this 21st day of January 2012.

Details of Agency

M/s Stefan Broniski Advisory Services,

#55, Manchester, Greater Manchester,

London, E4

Details of Investor

M/s Corporate Software World of London,

Little Hampton, West Sussex,

London, BN16

Terms of Investment agency agreement:

  1. This agreement is entered for the sole purpose of appointment of the above mentioned company as agent for undertaking the investment activities of the investor company. The agent company has no role to play in the management of affairs of the company in any manner.
  2. The investment entails a principle-agent relationship between both the parties and the principle is in no way responsible for the actions of the agent other than the investment belonging to the investor company.
  3. The agent is appointed for a period of six months and on satisfactory review the agent will continue to get the agency ship of the investor company after the completion of the term successfully.
  4. The agent will be solely responsible for the investment made on behalf of the investor company.
  5. The agent agrees that the investment made by the investor company will be invested in a rightful manner and also that the investment will not be made into any anti-social or terrorist and illegal activities in any manner.

Signature of the agent:

Signature of the investor:

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