International VOIP Agreement

An international VoIP agreement is a legal document made between an investor in the process of internet protocol communications and a network communication services producer when they plan to install Voice over Internet Protocol system in an international country. The agreement states the obligations to be accepted by both the parties after entering into the agreement. The agreement also mentions the contact details of both the parties.

Sample International VOIP Agreement

This International VoIP agreement has been made and entered into on this day of 21st November 2011 between Networking Telecommunications Limited, referred to as the provider and Global Networking referred to as the investor. Both the provider and investor have decided to enter into an agreement so that they can provide Voice over Internet Protocol in the country of Nigeria.

Details of the Provider:

Office address:  234 Grant Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 34567895

Details of the Investor:

Office address:  267 Henry Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 34567856

The provider has submitted a tender to the Nigeria Telecommunications Limited, which if accepted, the provider will get the permission to install Voice over Internet Protocol in the country of Nigeria.

As per the agreement both the provider and the investor have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The provider will have to install the services within the stipulated time and budget after the tender is passed.
  2. The investor will be responsible for ensuring the validity of the agreement by an authorized entity in Nigeria.

Signature:                                                                  Signature:

Donald Mac                                                                        Henry Le

(On behalf of Networking Telecommunications Limited)     (On behalf of Global Networking)


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