International Investment Agreement

International investment agreement can be made between two nations or between a country and an international investment advisory agency. The agreement consist information about rules and conditions of investment services and investment deals made by the country/s or for which the agency is concerned to provide its services.

Sample International Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the X COUNTRY and International Investment Agency on 3rd May 2011 and will be effective from 1st July 2011.

The duration of agreement would be 24 months.

The agency will provide intellectual assistance for international investment deals, documents, treaties and contracts of the subjected country.

Details of Client

Name of Country: X

Head of the Nation: His Excellency Mr. Benedict Marcus

Details of Investment Agency

Name: Steven Kerenski (President, International Investment Agency, Washington)

Contact Number: +4385021694

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

1. The Investment agency will follow the norms of international laws and regulations related with international investment.

2. The agency will be paid of a sum of $ 6000 as the fee for its services but if any inefficiency is found in agency’s services than it could be reduced.

3. The assistance given by agency to the nation will be highly confidential and in any case cannot be declared public unless the government itself does not take such step.

4. If the agency is found guilty for the violation of agreement than it will have to face a legal case under the law of international regulations applicable in this situation.


Secretary of State Steven Kerenski

(Kenneth Blaze)

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