International Franchise Agreement

An international franchise agreement covers all the aspects of a franchisor and franchisee relationship. The main considerations in this type of agreement should include details regarding training programs, duration of the agreement, franchise fees, advertising, trademark uses, renewal policies, and resale rights.

Sample International Franchise Agreement:

Name of the Franchisor: Red Shoe Corp

Effective date of the agreement: 07.05.2010

Store number: D1123

Store address: 112, Garnett Rd. Zip 29414.

Store type and initial franchisee fees: Retail. Fees $ 2000.

Location address of the franchisee: 4231, Town gate Place. 29414.

Name of the franchisee: High Deal Corp

Telephone number of the Franchisee: 843-333-1111

Email address of the franchise:

This agreement is made this 5th day of July, 2010 by and between Red Shoe International Inc., a Texas corporation ( FRANCHISOR) and High Deal Corporation a sole proprietorship ( FRANCHISEE) and Save Big corporation ( principal shareholder of the FRANCHISEE).

Franchisee, Franchisor, and the principal shareholders of the Franchise all have entered into a mutual agreement dated 5th July, 2010 (Development Agreement) relating to the development of franchisee of the Red shoe Departmental stores.

Agreeing to all the terms and conditions, the parties provide their signature as follows:

  1. Red Shoe International Inc _____________
  2. High Deal Corporation ____________
  3. Save Big Corporation ______________

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