Informal Rental Agreement Template

An informal rental agreement template is a readymade document which can be used immediately to rent the land, resident, machinery, heavy equipments & others. This document is signed between the owner of property & the renter.

Sample Informal Rental Agreement Template:

Date (DD.MM.YY): ______________ [date on which the agreement is signed]                                  Rental Agreement Number: _________ [legitimate number issued by the court]

This rental agreement is a declaration made between [name of the owner of rental subject] _______________ hereinafter called the “Landlord” and [name of renter] _______________ hereinafter called as the Tenant.

Type of the property which is put on rent: _______________ [mention the name & category of property as it can be equipments, machinery and land]

The landlord is resided at city: ______________, State: ___________, PIN: ____________ and can be called at: __________________ whereas the tenant is located at City: _________, State: ________, PIN: _________ can be dialled at: _______________.  [Valid residential/ office address of the owner and renter].

With both the parties are agreed, the agreement is effective from: _______, 20 ____ and terminating at: ___________. After a year, renter or tenant can renew it by paying fixed processing fees. [Entering the validation dated for this signed rental agreement].

The rent which is to be paid by the tenant: ___________________ [total monthly amount as a rent payment]

Signature of the Landlord: _________

Signature of the Tenant:  _________

[Sign of authorized persons from both the sides]

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