Independent Distributor Agreement

An independent distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when an individual without any established company decides to takes the distribution right of the products of a manufacturer. The details mentioned in the agreement include the responsibilities that the distributor agrees to take and the terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree.

Sample Independent distributor agreement

This independent distributor agreement has been drafted on this day of 23rd April 2011 between Zen Limited referred to as the manufacturer and Harry Bob referred to as the independent distributor as Harry Bob wants to individually distribute the garments manufactured by Zen Limited.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The distributor assures that he has attained legal age to acquire distribution rights and if required has documents to prove that.
  2. The distributor has to review the plans and procedures of the company and if there is any modification, he needs to keep himself updated.
  3. Being an individual distributor, it is not necessary for him to take part in the marketing program of the manufacturer.
  4. At any point of time either of the parties can cancel the agreement, prior to which they need to serve a notice period of one month.

Signature of the manufacturer:                                   Signature of the independent distributor:

Lee Wong                                                   Harry Bob

(On behalf of  Zen Limited)

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