Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement is a legal contract signed between a company and an independent contractor who takes up a project but is not affiliated with any other company. Once they get the project, they can work in their own way and the company has no control over it unless it is specifically mentioned in the contract.

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

This independent contractor agreement is made and entered between the COMPANY and the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR effective from the date of October 9, 2011.


Name: Richmond Mills

Contact number: 843593020-


Name: Mr. Johnny Lestor

Contact number: 9485984393


83 West Lake View, New York


  • The INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR agrees to offer his services to the COMPANY for the project referred to above and shall provide with all the necessary labour, materials and equipment required for the project.
  • The INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR hereby accepts that he shall comply with all federal and local laws, rules and regulations connected with the project. He also agrees that he has the necessary permit and license to carry on with the work.
  • The INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR shall remain open to conducting similar work for projects besides this and must be regarded as a separate entity and not related to the COMPANY in any way or is it employed by the COMPANY.
  • The COMPANY shall pay the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR a sum of $50,000, out of $25,000 will be paid in advance.
  • The COMPANY has the right to stop work if the progress is found to be unsatisfactory.


Mr. Richmond Mills               Mr. Johnny Lestor

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