Independent Consulting Agreement

An independent consulting agreement is an agreement drafted when an individual working as an independent consultant agrees to provide his services to an organization. The agreement states the details of the parties involved and the various terms and conditions to be accepted by both the parties.

Sample Independent Consulting Agreement

This independent consulting agreement has been drafted between Bob Marshall referred to as the independent consultant and Jerry Car Manufacturers Ltd. referred to as the client as on this day of 10th November, 2011.

Details of the independent consultant:

Work address: 51 Hefner Street,

Miami, Las Vegas.

Mobile number: 789456123

Details of the client:

Office address: 87 Woolmer Street,

Miami, Las Vegas.

Office number: 4569123

Fax number: 1245689

As per the agreement the independent consultant will be providing consultancy services regarding automobile designs to the in house automobile designers of the client.

There are few obligations that both the parties have to agree before entering into this agreement:

  1. The term of the agreement is from 10th of November 2011 and ends on 11th November 2012. In case during the agreement, the client is not satisfied with the services of the independent consultant, it can cancel the agreement.
  2. The independent consultant has to provide his services at the workshop of the client which is located at:

45 Henry Road,

Miami, Las Vegas.

  1. The independent consultant will receive his remuneration on a monthly basis.

Signature of the independent consultant:                                                Signature of the client:

Bob Marshall                                                        Brett Lee

(On behalf of Jerry Car Manufacturers Ltd)

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