How to Write a Business Agreement Letter

A business agreement letter is used as an informal, short agreement between the businesses and people. It is better to know how to write a business agreement letter by the people who are involved in the business as it may be used by them at certain points. Based on the agreement complexity, an advocate may be required to check the agreement letter and to prevent negative outcomes if that letter is written or formulated poorly.

Letter preparation

Create one rough copy of the letter and the necessary points which you would like to add in the agreement letter. If you want you can use blank agreement letters also which are available on the internet or you can create your own letter using MS Word.

Necessary information

You should include all the necessary details in the letter. Include the agreement date, termination date and so on. Mention the names of all the involved parties in the agreement. You should never use abbreviations or nicknames, always mention complete names.

Date and sign

After entering all the details, include the date and sign in the letter. All the involved parties should sign the agreement.

Tips on preparing the letter

Professional look

The letters of the business agreements should have a professional look and should follow the standard format of business letter while typing.


These letters should be concise and clear. If there is any involvement of the money, the letter should determine the due amounts, responsibilities and the dates. If this agreement letter is to be submitted with the proposal, to the end of the letter add ‘approved by’ and provide some space for signature, for the approved date and also for the recipient title and the printed name. This letter can also be mailed using a return receipt, which serves as a record that it was received on a particular date.

Check for the accuracy

Try to follow the business tone in the letter. Always double check for the grammar and spelling mistakes. If the letter contains any errors, it may be rejected by the reader. If necessary, take the help of another person who is familiar with the agreement or business to proofread.

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