House Rental Agreement

House rental arrangement is made between a tenant and landlord and this agreement lays down the terms and conditions which are needed to be followed by both the parties.

Sample House Rental Agreement


Property Provider: Mr Harold Smith

Tenant: Ms Carrie Bradshaw

Date- 10th October 2010


  • The agreement will start from 11th November 2010 and will continue till 11th November 2012.
  • It is for the renting of a property located at 5th Avenue, New Staffordshire.
  • The monthly rent amount is $2000, to be paid on the 5th of each month.
  • A deposit for security of $15000 , must be paid on 6th November 2010 and it shall be given back by Mr Harold smith in 21 days after Ms Carrie Bradshaw vacates except in case of any damage.

The undersigned have agreed to the above terms:

Property provider Tenant

Mr Harold Smith                                                            Ms Carrie Bradshaw

10th October 2010                                                 10th October 2010

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