House Rental Agreement Template

A house rental agreement template can be considered as the detailed list of terms and conditions between the tenant and the house owner. This template can be used when agreement is made between the parties regarding the house rental.

Sample House Rental Agreement Template

Parties involved

The agreement below is made on [day], [month], and [year] and is between:

Landlord’s name and address:

Telephone No(s):

Tenant’s name and address:

Telephone No(s):

Premises details

The landlord [landlord’s full name as mentioned above] hereby agree to give the below mentioned house to the tenant [tenant’s full name as mentioned above] –

[Full address of the single room]

[Post office name]

[Postal Code]


The agreement will start from [day], [month], and [year] and will continue till [day], [month], and [year].


The tenant needs to pay INR [Rent Amount] within [day] of every month by mailing it to [Address].

Security Deposit

The tenant needs to deposit INR [Amount] as a security deposit before occupying the house. This amount needs to be refunded to the tenant within 10 days of vacating the house.

Facilities provided

The landlord will provide the following facilities:

[List of facilities].

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