House Rental Agreement Form

House rental arrangement form is a form which is made so as to set up the terms and conditions of the house rental agreement. This agreement form enlists details of the place, date and cost of the rental place that the tenant agrees to occupy. It protects the rights of both the tenant and landlord.

Sample House Rental Arrangement Form

Property Provider______________


For the renting of a property located at __________________________.

The monthly rent amount is _____________, to be paid on the _______________ of each month.

A deposit for security of ______________, must be paid on___________ (date), shall be given back by landlord within 21 days after the Tenant vacates except in case of any damage.

With 30 days notice to tenant, landlord may increase the rent, change the conditions of the rent agreement, or end the tenancy .Sixty days notice must be provided if the tenant has resided for more than a year.

The undersigned have accepted the Lease prior agreement.

TENANT_____________ (SIGNATURE)

LANDLORD__________________ (SIGNATURE)




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