Horse Sale Agreement

A horse sale agreement is a formal document when a horse selling ranch sells a horse to an individual or a company.  The agreement lays down the terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow and also details like the sale price and specifications of the horse.

Sample Horse Sale Agreement

This horse sale agreement is being made on the day of 24th of February and entered into between John Lay, the horse owner and the Jack Trade, the horse buyer for the sale of horse owned by John Lay. John Lay has agreed to sell a horse owned by him to Jack Trade for a price of $10000.

The details of the horse owner are as follows:

Ranch address:  5214 Shoe Nail Road,

New York, New Jersey 5214.

Telephone number: +41-56789876

Email id:

The details of the horse buyer are as follows:

Residential address: 5214 Lane Dale Road,

New York, New Jersey 5262.

Telephone number: +41-56785231

Email id:

The details of the horse are as follows:

Color: Brown

Age: Five years

Sex: Male

Weight: 200 pounds

  1. The seller assures that he is the legal owner of the horse
  2. The seller assures that the information given about the horse is accurate and true.

Signature:                                                                                                            Signature:

John Lay                                                                        Jack Trade

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