Home Rental Lease Agreement Form

A home rental lease agreement form is a document which mentions all the details regarding the home rental. This form is used by the owner of the home who is renting his property and the tenant who is taking the property on lease for a rent.

Sample Home Rental Lease Agreement Form

Parties involved

Landlord-________________ Address-______________


Date- ___________________

Terms and conditions

  • The agreement will start on ______________________ and end on _______________
  • It is due to the renting of a house present at location___________________.
  • The tenant shall have to pay the landlord a security deposit of amount ________________
  • The landlord has agreed to provide facilities like________________,______________,__________________,______________
  • The rent shall be paid by the tenant to the landlord on the __________ of each month.
  • The Amount of rent is ________________
  • The security deposit shall be refunded after end of this agreement.
  • The tenant cannot misuse or manhandle the property in any manner or shall face serious consequences.
  • The other terms and condition which are to be adhered by the landlord and tenant includes the following _______________
  • In case of any misuse of the property, the tenant will have to pay fine of _______________ amount.

The undersigned have agreed to the above conditions and shall abide by them.

____________________                                                                       __________________________

Landlord                                                                                                                    Tenant

Date-_______________                                                                                        date-_______________

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