Home Improvement Agreement

A home improvement agreement is a contract between the owner of a house and a contractor who offers his services including supply of materials, tools and labour, to improve the structure and look of the house in return for a sum of money.

Sample Home Improvement Agreement

This home improvement agreement is made between the OWNER and the CONTRACTOR on October 16, 2011.


Name: Gen Cortese

Address: 34 Pleasantville, Idaho

Phone number: 832472472


Name: Thomas Gomez

Address: 823 Carlson Road, Idaho

Phone number: 834959299


Address: 34 Pleasantville, Idaho


  • According to the agreement, the OWNER agrees to hire the services of the CONTRACTOR, who will undertake the responsibility of improving the house located in the address mentioned above.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall furnish all labour and materials needed to modify the property according to the plans and desire of the OWNER.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall follow all the rules and regulations of the land including environmental laws while undertaking work related to improving the house.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall be paid $40,000 for his services by the owner, which also includes payment for all the materials required for the modifications.
  • $20,000 will be paid to the CONTRACTOR at the signing of the agreement and the rest of the amount will be paid after the successful completion of the work and if the OWNER is satisfied with the work.
  • The CONTRACTOR must finish the home improvement latest by 1 week of the signing of the contract.

Signature: Gen Cortese

Signature: Thomas Gomez

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