Home Construction Agreement

A home construction agreement is a legal document between the owner of a property and a builder or a contractor who takes the responsibility of building a house, along with supplying all the materials, equipment and labour, in return for a payment from the property owner.

Sample Home Construction Agreement

This home construction agreement is made between the OWNER and the BUILDER on October 16, 2011.


Name: Sharon Perry

Address: 34 Fun Mills, Texas

Phone number: 394386322


Name: Paul Wilkes

Address: 82 Williamson County, Texas

Phone number: 9856734399


Address: 323 Brentwood, Texas


  • According to the agreement, the OWNER agrees to hire the services of the BUILDER, who will construct a single-family residence in the address mentioned under property details.
  • The BUILDER shall provide and pay for all the materials, construction equipment, tools, labour, transportation and other services required to build this house.
  • The OWNER has obtained a loan of $60,000 from the Ace Loans Bank, out of which $50,000 will be paid to the BUILDER at the signing of this contract and $40,000 will be paid every 3 months in instalments, once the construction starts.
  • If the OWNER is not satisfied with the construction of the home or the progress, he has the right to withhold payment.
  • The BUILDER must finish constructing the home latest within 1 year of signing this contract.
  • The OWNER is responsible for registering the property and getting other permits, or paying necessary taxes.

Signature: Sharon Perry

Signature: Paul Wilkes

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