Hockey Training Agreement

A Hockey training agreement is signed between two parties; one an individual who wishes to attain training in hockey (the trainee) and a school/ trainer providing the service. It defines the structure of the arrangement made, terms and conditions, the fee and duration of training.

Sample Hockey Training Agreement

This agreement is signed between the TRAINEE and the SCHOOL/ TRAINER as on the date 12th September 2011 with effect from DATE 20th September 2011

The service required by the trainee is a charted course of hockey training at various levels.

The duration of training: 7 am to 10am

Fee structure (per month): $200

No. of classes per month: 20 classes

Details of the Trainee:

Name: Mr. Tim Benson

Address: 12-K, first floor, Marks estate, London

Details of the Trainer:

Name: Mr. Raymond Boucher

Address: A-90, Madison grounds, London

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The training space is to be provided by the training school. Travel arrangements may be made available on request and payment of additional fee.
  2. The trainee is given the option of choosing the class timings and days from amongst the currently prevailing batches.
  3. Any classes missed won’t be accommodated for unless the whole class is cancelled in advance.
  4. After a trail of three classes if trainee does not join fee is refundable (10% deduction).
  5. The training fee is non- negotiable and once joined non- refundable (the three trails are accommodated in total no. of classes).

Signatures of the parties:

Tim Benson

Raymond Boucher

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