Heavy Equipment Lease Agreement

Heavy equipment lease agreement is a contract between the owner of the heavy equipment and the renter whenever the equipment is rented on the basis of rental charges.

It consists of a set of conditions which must be followed by both parties in order to sign the contract.

Sample Heavy Equipment Lease Agreement

Date: 3’rd Oct, 2010

Location: 3, Westminster, UK

Landlord: Mr. Williams Heg

Lessee: Mr. Tim Will

Equipment code:5Tf6

Number of Equipments: 2

Term of the agreement: 1’st Dec, 2010 to 1’st Dec 2011

Terms and conditions:

  • The rental charges are to be paid at the 1’st of each month and will be considered as late payment if not paid within the first week of each month, on monthly basis.
  • It shall be taken care by the lessee that the equipments must be kept in proper working order and timely servicing of the equipment should be done on the lessee’s charges.
  • The lessee will be due for extra charges for repair of the equipments in case of damage.
  • The lessor will be free to inspect the functioning of the equipments according to his convenience.
  • The equipment cannot be moved from the mentioned location without prior permission of the owner at any time.


Williams Heg                       Tim Will

(landlord)                               (Lessee)

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