Gym Franchise Agreement

A Gym franchise agreement is an agreement made between OWNER and the FRANCHISEE for a gymnasium. This agreement lays down the terms and conditions based on which the gym’s franchise has been worked out between the OWNER to the FRANCHISEE. This document is a legal agreement.

Sample Gym Franchise Agreement

This agreement is made and signed between OWNER and FRANCHISEE.

This agreement is made effective from 31’Th Dec, 2010 and shall continue for a period of 24 months.

Details of the OWNER

Name: Mr. Mark Law

OWNER owns a gym chain by the name of Body and Mind in LA

Details of the FRANCHISEE

Name: Mr. Henry Gibbs

Contact number: 474983744894

Terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties:

  • The owner agrees to franchise one of his gyms located at red building, first floor, LA to the Franchisee.
  • The Franchisee agrees to run this gym for a period of 24 months on the policies set by the owner.
  • The Franchisee shall try his best to live up to the name and reputation of this chain of gyms in LA.
  • The owner shall not be responsible for the working of the gym.
  • The terms of this agreement apply to both parties and are legally binding.


Mark Law                Henry Gibbs

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