Gym Equipment Export Agreement

A gym equipment export agreement is an agreement which is made between a person who exports gym equipment and a person who wishes to buy exported material from him. These kinds of agreements are formed on the basis of a number of terms and conditions which have to be followed by the involved parties because they are legal in nature and can cause monetary damage to the party which fails to live by them.

Sample gym equipment export agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 1st March 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months which means that:

TERMINATION of agreement: 1st March 2012

This agreement has been made between Mr Jack Brown who is herein referred to as the EXPORTER and Mr. John Mathews who is herein referred to as the IMPORTER.

The details of the parties:


Address: W-8, ground floor, Henry estate, London

Phone number: 4430948033405

The EXPORTER deals in exporting of machinery and gym equipments.


Shipping address: S-78, first floor, Paul Building, New York

Phone number: 4874093403405

Total cost: $30000


  • The exporter shall send the order for gym equipments as soon as he receives order from the importer. The order must reach the importer within 15 days.
  • The importer must place order well in advance so as to receive it on time.
  • The damage causes shall be borne by the importer.
  • The Exporter shall be charged 20% of order charges in case of minor faults in order or will be sent back equipments which are completely non functional or faulty.

Signatures of the parties:

Jack Brown

John Mathews

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