Green Energy Investment Agreement

Green energy investment agreement is made between a green energy company and a client who wants to invest in this field. These companies provide advisory services for stocks of green companies for investment purpose. The agreement lays down the terms and conditions mutually agreed by both sides.

Sample Green Energy Investment Agreement

This agreement is made between the CLIENT and the GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENT COMPANY on the effective date of 15th April 2011.

The duration of agreement is 36 months.

The green company will provide intellectual assistance on investment decisions for green energy stocks as and when required by the client.

Details of the Client

Name: Ashley Cole

Contact Number:  43587910256

Details of Service Provider Company

Name: Richard Maxwell (Green Earth Investment Solutions)

Contact Number: 4831056970

Business details: Person owns a Green investment consultancy.

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

  1. The service provider agrees upon to take care of client’s stock investments and will provide advisory services for new investments as well.
  1. The Client will pay a sum of $ 2500 as fee of the services provided by company.
  1. The service provider is expected to keep the investment decisions and related matters of client confidential and secret towards themselves only.
  1. The company will be responsible to manage the stocks and equity shares of green investment in a way that can fetch profit to the client.
  1. Violation of agreement’s condition will be considered crime and responsible party will be charged for that.

Signature of the both the parties are given below:

Ashley Cole        Richard Maxwell.

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