Government Training Agreement

A government training agreement is an agreement which is drafted between a government training institute and a person who agrees to take up a government training program under the trainer. The terms of this agreement are enforceable by law.

Sample government training agreement

This agreement has been entered into on the effective date: 26th Oct 2011

This agreement has been made for a time period of: 12 months

Termination date: 26th Oct 2012

This agreement has been made by and between

Martin Luther who is hereby referred to as the Trainee and resides at F-89, first floor, Main Queensland building, London


York Foundation limited who is hereby referred to as the trainer in this agreement.

Name of trainer: Greg Fredrick

The trainer carried out training for students at address: 45-p, auk woods estate, London

Total cost of training: $20000

The entire amount of training should be paid on the commencement date of agreement.

Number of days in a week of training: 6 days except Sundays

Terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The trainee must be present for atleast 85% of the classes in order to attain training certificate from the training institute.
  • The trainer must provide training which is in accordance to the norms and regulations of the federal laws of the state.
  • The trainer must be present at all classes without failure.
  • The trainee must inform the trainer in advance before taking any leave.

Both parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement as follows:

Validation by both parties:

Martin Luther

Greg Fredrick

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