Free Tenancy Agreement Template

A free tenancy agreement template is a document that gives a ready to use format for a free tenancy agreement. It is a fully detailed contract document with specific details focusing the main conditions of the agreement

Sample Free Tenancy Agreement Template:

The agreement is made between

Owner: [Landlord’s name with address]


Tenant: [Tenant’s name with address]


Date: [Date of contract]


[Location of signing of contract]

Address: [Address of property]

Period of lease: [Number of months] starting from [day], [month], [year]

Use of property: [purpose of renting]

Terms and conditions:

  • The tenant agrees to pay a sum of $[amount] every month on the [mention the day] day according to the English calendar.
  • The owner agrees to provide with following facilities: [the facilities offered, free of cost].
  • The tenant agrees to pay a security deposit of $[amount], which shall be refunded at the expiry of the agreement.
  • The tenant must consider it his/her responsibility to keep the premises free of damage and pay him / herself for any repair or reconstruction.
  • It will be the responsibility of the owner to inspect the premises regularly with a prior notice sent to the tenant in advance.

Signatures of both the parties:

[Signature of owner]                  [Signature of tenant]



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