Free Rental Agreement

A free rental agreement is used by the owner of the property and the tenant who wish to take up the property for a rent. This agreement mentions all the terms and conditions related to the rent and use of property which are agreed by both the parties.

Sample Free Rental Agreement

Landlord- Mr Mark Smith

Tenant- Mr Charles Wright

Terms and Conditions

  • The agreement shall begin on 15th November 2010 and end on the 20th of November 2011
  • The tenant, Mr Wright shall pay the landlord a security deposit of 15000$ before start of his tenure as tenant.
  • The agreement is for a property at New Staffordshire, Jenkins.
  • The tenant, Mr Wright must pay the landlord, Mr Smith The rent amount of 5000$ on the 9th of each month henceforth.
  • The tenant Mr Wright must not mishandle any part of the mentioned property in any manner.
  • The Landlord Mr Smith must provide water, electrical, gas and telephone facilities to the tenant Mr Wright.
  • In case of any damage caused to the property during the tenure of the agreement, Mr Wright will be responsible to pay for the damages and fine as well.

The undersigned shall abide by the above terms.

Mr Mark Smith                                                                     Mr Charles Wright

(Landlord)                                                                                      (Tenant)

Date-25th September 2010                                                   Date-25th September 2010



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