Free Rental Agreement Form

Free Rental Agreement is a legal binding document entered between two or more parties. This document specifies that the tenant and landlord are entering into a rental contract.

Sample Free Rental Agreement Form

Rental Agreement Form made between___________________________from here on referred as the landlord and________________from here on referred as the tenant on the __________day of ______month of ______year.

Points agreed by the parties are as below:

The Land lord _____________________________ has agreed to give on rent his premise located at ______________________________________to  the tenant __________________ for a period of _______________months. The Rent period starts from___________ day of __________month___________year to ______________day of____________month___________year.

The tenant is liable to pay the landlord a total amount of ___________________________________as dues for his rental property. _______________________needs to be paid as upfront money an the remaining__________ needs to be paid on an annual basis.

It is agreed that the rental property will be solely used for personal use only. Both the parties enjoy a list of rights recognized by the court of law as illustrated below:

The details of the premise in question are as follows: ______________rooms____________bathroom_______________total built in area.

Along with the vacant property, the tenant can also use the furniture’s in that premise.

Signed under seal this _____ day of ____________________, 20____.

_______________________________ [Landlord]         _______________________________ [Tenant(s)]



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