Free Commercial Sublease Agreement

A free commercial sublease agreement is a formal & legal understanding between the subtenant & sub leaseholder in order to put some portion of total property on lease.

Sample Free Commercial Sublease Agreement:

Date of agreement contract: _____________

Place: _____________________________

  1. Name: this sublease agreement is made by __________________Sub landlord, and, ___________, Subtenant.
  2. Contact details of both parties:

The sub landlord is located at City:________, State: ____________PIN:________ Phone Number: ______________.

The Subtenant is located at City:__________, State:__________ Pin: _______ Phone Number: _____________.

  1. Subleased Property:

The part of _____ square feet of property is hired by the Subtenant. This property is located at marketing Place: __________, City: ___________, State: ___________PIN: ______________.

  1. Original Lease:

The original lease dated ______, 20___ between ___________Landlord & ________ Tenant.

  1. Terms of Sublease:

The sublease begins on ____, 20_______ ends on _______, 20 ________. The sublease renew date is _______, 20 _______.

  1. Security Deposit:  Subtenant has submitted the amount of __________ dated _______, 20 ____ as security deposit.
  2. Rent:

The subtenant will pay a rent of amount __________ day of each month for a year. The amount due date is _________ inclusive of total processing fees.

In case of rent increment, the subtenant will be informed officially.

Signature of Subtenant:                                                Signature of Sub leaseholder:

________________                                                         ________________

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