Franchise Agreement Template

A franchise agreement template is a readymade document that contains all the important aspects of a franchisor and a franchisee relationship. Starting from specific roles that are expected from each respective party to training programs this is a vital legal document.

Sample Franchise Agreement Template:

Date of the franchise agreement (mm/dd/yyyy): ___________________

Name of franchisor Business (mention the name of the business) __________

Nature of the business (specify the nature of the business) ____________

Address of the business (Franchisor) ______________ (city) ________ (state) ____ (Zip) _________.

Store Number (insert the number and address) _________________

Contact number of the Franchisor (include the area code) _____________

Official website (mention the id) _______________

Initial franchise fees (mention the amount) ______________

Name of the company (company taking the franchise) _______________

Address and phone number (for official records) ________________

Agreement made between (name of the company) _______________ the franchisor and _________________ the franchise and _____________ (guarantor).

The franchise agreement is made on the day of (mm/dd/yyyy) ____________.

The franchisee company (name of the company) _____________ is lawfully entitled under license from _____________ (address of the franchisor) to commercialize a business system including or concerning your industry.

The system is a franchising system under the franchising law and code (specify the law code) ______.

Characteristics of the system included are

The registered business name (name of business)

Distinctive branding bearing the logo

Coaching of all the franchisees

Operation manuals regarding the business system.

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