Food Vendor Agreement

A food vendor agreement is a legal document drafted when a food vendor agrees to supply food to an organization or an individual. The details mentioned in the agreement include the food type being served by the vendor and the price he will be charging for his services.

Sample Food Vendor Agreement

The agreement has been drafted as on 14th of March 2011 between Quick Lee Foods referred to as the food vendor and Los Angeles University referred to as the client. As per the agreement Quick Lee Foods will be providing food services at the cafeteria of the Los Angeles University campus located at:

78 John Will Road,

New York, New Jersey 5241

The terms and conditions to be kept in mind by the food vendor before starting their business are:

  1. The food vendor will be providing food services on a daily basis and assures that the food served by them will be fresh.
  2. Quick Lee Foods will get a price of $5 per plate of meal served. On special occasions when there is a special menu, the price can be increased.
  3. The food vendor also assures that will bring variety in the menu.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions, the food vendor has provided his signature below:

Signature of food vendor

John  Lee

(CEO,  Quick Lee Foods)

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