Flea Market Vendor Agreement

A flea market vendor agreement is a legal document drafted when an individual decides to conduct a business in the flea market.   The document mentions the kind of business the vendor will conducting and also the rental amount that he will be paying to carry out his business in the market. Sometimes a vendor also represents an organization, and thus the organization details are also mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Flea Market Vendor Agreement

This agreement is made on the date of 10th March 2011 between the administrators acting on behalf of Miami Business School, termed as the Flea market and Jake Goody termed as the vendor who will be occupying a table space at the School to conduct his business in the flea market. The vendor will be conducting his business at the Miami Business School campus which is located at 52 Glenn Road, Miami Los Angeles 5214.

The vendor’s participation will be sponsored by one of the student organizations in the business school.

The vendor has agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The vendor has to pay a rental fee of $200 per month to the business school for occupying the table space.
  2. The vendor can occupy the table space till 15th March 2012.

Signature of the vendor:

Jake Goody

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