Fire Alarm Maintenance Agreement

A fire alarm maintenance agreement is a document drafted when an individual or an organization is responsible to maintain the fire alarms of another individual or an organization. The agreement has details like the maintenance fees of the service provider and also the terms and conditions that both the parties need to agree to.

Sample Fire Alarm Maintenance Agreement

This agreement has been drafted and entered into on 12th of March, 2011 between John Nash referred to as the service provider and the customer Ted Mosby to maintain and repair all the fire alarms at the residence of the customer.

The personal details of both the parties are mentioned below:

Service Provider:

John Nash

Office address: 5212 Long Way Drive,

New York, New Jersey 4512.

Telephone number: +41-45123265

Email id:


Ted Mosby

Residential address: 7894 High Street

New York, New Jersey 4545.

Telephone number: +41-89451234

Fax number: +41-741258965

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are:

  1. The service provider will be paid $200 in advance.
  2. The service provider has to replace all the damaged fire alarms and has to take care of their maintenance.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the customer:

John Nash                                                                                           Ted Mosby

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