Financial Consulting Agreement

The financial consulting agreement is an agreement whereby an individual or a company agrees to accept the financial consultancy services of another company or individual. This type of agreement lays down all the terms and conditions which are agreed by the parties.

Sample Financial Consulting Agreement

This Financial Consulting Agreement is entered between

InfoMedia Ltd

Address: -Trade Center, Dowling Street, California, USA

Telephone No: – 02226582255/02226582256


Packer & Sons consultancy services

Address: – Diamond Arcade, Cross Lane, New Jersey, USA

Telephone No: – 02225582556/ 02225582557

The agreement is made on 1st Nov 2010


The agreement will start from 15/11/2010 and will hold valid till 15/11/2012


1. InfoMedia Ltd hereby appoints Packers & Sons as their financial consultants as per the terms & conditions of the agreement.

2. Consultant will render various financial services to the client  like:

  • Information about various brokerage firms.
  • Information about potential banking investments.
  • Consultant will keep the client updated about the current financial trends in the market.
  • Consultant will provide information about any new mergers or acquisitions.


  • Consultant is liable to provide only the services which are mentioned in the agreement.
  • In case of any dispute, both the parties can break the agreement by giving the prior notice of 1 month.
  • The Terms & Conditions are likely to change in case of the renewal.

InfoMedia Ltd                                          Packer & Sons consultancy services


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