Film License Agreement

A film license agreement is an agreement where a film maker or producer gives license of his film to another party for a certain amount of money in return. This agreement is legally bounding for the involved parties and is generally entered into for a fixed period of time.

Sample film license agreement

This film license agreement is entered into as of 14th July 2011 and shall be effective for a time period of 24 months from the effective date.

This film license agreement is drafted by and between Mr. Greg Timothy who is known as the Licensor and Mr. Raymond White who is known as the licensee.


The licensor owns the rights to the motion picture which is based on the script with the title ‘Blue Ocean’ (the project) and wishes to grant license of the project to the licensee for duration of 24 months.

The licensee is an experienced producer and finances plays and films

Address of licensor: 45-P, Middletown, Liverpool

Address of licensee: D-90, second floor, Edinburgh, London

The total cost of license is: $50000

The following are the terms and conditions of agreement:


The agreement will terminate in case any of the two parties violate the terms of agreement otherwise it shall terminate on 14th July 2013 and can be extended for a period of 24 months.

  • The licensee cannot leak details of the film to any third party.
  • The licensor must receive payment after the first week of the effective date of contract.

Signature of the parties:

Greg Timothy

Raymond White

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