Film Investment Agreement

Film investment agreement is made and signed between the film producers and those investor who want to invest their money in filmmaking. These types of agreements contain the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Film Investment Agreement

This agreement has been signed between the FILM PRODUCER and the INVESTMENT COMPANY on 1st January 2011 and will be effective from 15th march 2011.

The duration of the agreement will be one year.

The investor will invest money in film making process, postproduction, film promotion and release. Investor will be kept aware of each aspect of production and film release and its revenue.

Details of Film Producer

Name: Craig Jones

Contact Number: 48302691054

The person owns a film production company.

Details of Investor

Name: Charles Stevenson (Financial Investment and securities Ltd.)

Contact Number: 4856301279

Terms and Conditions of the agreement, to be followed by both sides

  1. The Investor will make 40% of monetary investment of the total cost of filmmaking. He will be eligible to get profit share as per his share of money in production. He will not share the profit of Music release and other promotional activities.
  2. Both parties will be responsible to keep the film story and theme secret to themselves and will not leak it until the release of film.
  3. The producer and investor will share the losses if occurred due to failure of film, in the proportion of their shares in filmmaking.

Signature of the both the parties concerned are given below:

Craig Jones

Charles Stevenson

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