Export Sales Agreement

An export sales agreement is a document drafted when an exporter or an organization specializing in exports decide to sell their products to another individual or organization in another country. The agreement has details like the export rules of the specific country to be followed by the exporter. The document also acts as documentary evidence.

Sample Export Sales Agreement

This export sales agreement has been drafted on the date of 10th of March 2011 between Chris Cooper Garments referred to as exporter with office located at:

51 High End Street

Miami, Los Angeles 4125

And King Kong Manufacturers referred to as importer with office located at:

51 Lee Kong Street

Tokyo, Japan

To facilitate trade between the two parties.

As per the rules of the agreement:

  1. The exporter assures that he has a valid trade license. He also assures that he has the export license to carry on his trade.
  2. The exporter will be exporting garment materials to the importer.
  3. The importer promises to make payment after receiving the first consignment.
  4. The importer is not responsible for the goods getting damaged while transportation.

Signature of exporter:                                  Signature of importer:

Chris Cooper                                                       King Kong

(CEO, Chris Cooper Garments)                           (CEO, King Kong Manufacturers)

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