Export Agreement Template

An export agreement template is the format in which any export agreement is drafted. The template has details like the name and address of the exporter and the importer and also terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow.

Sample Export Agreement Template

This export agreement has been drafted as on _______ [date in dd/mm/yy format] between ___________ referred to as the exporter and ____________ referred to as the importer to establish a business relationship between both the parties.

__________ [name of exporter] will be exporting _________ [type of products] to _________ [name of importer].

Details of both the parties:


Address: Street address,

City name, State, Postal code.


Address: Street address,

City name, State, Postal code.

The terms and conditions in the agreement are as follows:

  1. _________ [name of exporter] agrees to export _______ [product type] to __________ [name of importer] on a monthly basis.
  2. __________ [name of importer] has to pay the exporter an advance of _______ [amount in dollars] for the first consignment. The shipping charges will be extra which also needs to be paid along with the advance amount.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the exporter                                     Signature of the importer

_________________                                          ___________

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