Exclusive Vendor Agreement

An exclusive vendor agreement is an official document which is drafted when a deal is made exclusively with a vendor. This is done in order to coordinate and control a certain process as the vendor is exclusively reliable for that job. The details mentioned in the agreement include the services provided by the vendor and also the amount to be made to him for availing his service.

Sample Exclusive Vendor Agreement

This exclusive vendor agreement has been entered as on 10th of March 2011 between Watson’s Group referred to as the client with its principal place of business being 52 John Pee Road, New York, New Jersey 4512 and Coffee Day referred to as the vendor with its head office at 41 Aspen High Street, New York, New Jersey 4518.

As per the agreement Coffee Day will be managing the coffee store at all the outlets of Watson’s Group.

The terms and conditions in the agreement are:

  1. The vendor assures that the coffee served will be of best quality and includes variety of flavors.
  2. The vendor will get fifty percent of the profit.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the vendor:                                                               Signature of the client:

John Dale                                                                      Jack Lee

(CEO, Coffee Day)                                                  (CEO, Watson’s Group)

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