Exclusive Distributor Agreement

An exclusive distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when a production company gives the rights to distribute the product manufactured by them exclusively to one distributor. The agreement states the terms and conditions that both the parties mutually have to agree upon.

Sample Exclusive Distributor Agreement

This Exclusive Distributorship Agreement is entered on 24th May 2011 by and between Time Machine Inc referred to as the “Manufacturer” and John Goods referred to as the “Distributor”.

The manufacturer gives the exclusive rights to the distributor so as to distribute the machine manufactured by them within the state of Arizona.

In consideration to the mutual agreements promised by both the parties, they have to agree to the following:

  1. The distributor has the exclusive right to purchase, promote and sell the products manufactured by the manufacturer.
  2. The machines have to be sold at a price fixed by the manufacturer. The profit arising from the sale of the products will be shared on an equal basis.
  3. The distributor must have an office or a showroom within the distribution territory. The expenses for the office or the showroom will be borne by the distributor.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of distributor:                                                         Signature of manufacturer:

John Goods                                                                             Jack Mayo

(On behalf of Time Machine Inc)

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