Exclusive Builder Agreement

An exclusive builder agreement is a legal document signed between a builder and the owner of a property where a particular builder gets the exclusive right by which only he can build a house or any building at the specific location.

Sample Exclusive Builder Agreement

This exclusive builder agreement is made between the OWNER and the BUILDER on October 12, 2011.


Name: Jonathan Lane

Address: 52 Hansen Road, Atlanta

Phone number: 9289378350


Name: Matthew Clark

Address: 32 Kirby Drive, Atlanta

Phone number: 29839278435


Address: 52 Hansen Road, Atlanta


  • According to the agreement, the OWNER of the property mentioned above, agrees that the BUILDER stated earlier shall be the only individual or entity permitted to construct homes at this particular address.
  • The BUILDER can hire whoever he wants or forward the projects to a subcontractor if he so pleases. However, the OWNER cannot hire anyone else besides the BUILDER for any construction work.
  • Even if the OWNER decides to sell this property, he will ensure that the new owners shall also follow this term that the BUILDER has the sole right to carry on any construction work on this property.
  • The OWNER, however, does not have exclusive rights to the BUILDER, who can build projects for another developers as long as he is committed to this project.
  • The BUILDER shall begin construction of the building within 10 days of the signing of this contract.

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Signature: Jonathan Lane

Signature: Matthew Clark

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