Equity Joint Venture Agreement

An equity joint venture agreement is an official document drafted between two organizations entering into a joint venture business where both the parties entering into the agreement bring equal amount of capital into the business and even profits and losses are shared on an equal percentage. The risks are also shared in an equal proportion in this kind of joint venture agreement.

Sample Equity joint venture agreement


This equity joint venture agreement is being drafted on this day of 10th November 2011 as per the Equity Joint Venture laws of the state of Florida between Rain Maker Limited and Cloud Breaker Limited. Both Rain Maker Limited and Cloud Breaker Limited will be referred to as the “parties” in this agreement.

Details of Rain Maker Limited:

Office address:  234 Trunk Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 34567895

Fax number: 3458657

Email id: rain@mail.com

Details of Cloud Breaker Limited:

Office address:  537 Grant Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 34567907

Fax number: 3458789

Email id: cloud@mail.com

Both the parties have agreed to enter into an Equity joint venture business. There are few terms and conditions that both the parties have to adhere to:

  • The capital to be brought into the business by both the parties should be of equal amount.
  • The assets to be purchased and the investments required to be done equally.
  • In case of profit or loss arising from the business will be shared by both the parties on an equal percentage.

Signature:                                                                  Signature:

Dustin Cruz                                                                         Tom Hoffman

(On behalf of Rain Maker Limited)                          (On behalf of Cloud Breaker Limited)



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