Equipment sublease agreement

An equipment sublease agreement can be considered a document similar to the equipment lease agreement where the lessee subleases the equipment to the sublessee.

It gives a detailed account of the terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the parties involved.

Equipment Sublease Agreement

Lessor: General Capital Corp.

Lessee: American Real Estate Limited

Sublessee: NY Corp.

Date: 6’Th Oct 2010

Location of equipment usage: 4, White Street, New York.

Rental Period: 1’st November 2010 to 1’st January 2010.

The lessor leased a certain equipment to lessee by a Master Lease Agreement dated 4’th December, 2009.

Lessee and sublessee shall enter a sublease based on the following terms and conditions:

  • The lessee hereby has agreed to sublease a part of the equipment leased by lessor to him. The equipment along with all the parts, components and attachments belong to the sublessee for the duration mentioned in the contract above.
  • The equipment must be returned in good condition to the lessee on the expiration of the sublease agreement.
  • The lessor is not obliged to do any duties which are entitled to be done by the lessee under this agreement.
  • The lessor will have a right to inspect the equipment at its mentioned location at any time during the period of the contract.

Signatures of the representatives:

Tb Shaw                                                             Ryan Grath

(Lessee)                                                            (Sublessee)

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