Equipment Rental Lease agreement

An equipment rental lease agreement is a document that sets the terms and conditions for obtaining the use of equipment such as machinery and vehicle on a rental basis. This avoids the need for investing capital in the equipment.

Sample Equipment Rental Lease Agreement

Owner: Mr. Richmond Daniels

Renter: Ms. Sarah James

Date: 7’th October,2010

Subject: Equipment sublease

Location: 23, Pekking Street, London, EC3A1AA

Contact no.: 4567345678

The lease will be valid from: 15’Th Oct, 2010 to: 15’Th March, 2011

Terms and condition:

  • The monthly rental for the equipment shall be paid in installments on month to month basis, on the first day of each month.
  • The equipment must be used in a careful manner and shall comply with police and other laws and regulations in any ways which relates to the use of the equipment.
  • The equipment must be kept in good repair and working order at self cost.
  • The equipment’s location shall not be changed from the address mentioned, without prior written confirmation from the owner.
  • The owner has the right to be given full compensation for the replacement of the equipment in case it is not returned, damaged or lost.
  • This lease shall be enforced according to the laws of the State of London.


Owner:                                                      Renter:

Richmond Daniels                               Sarah James

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