Equipment Rental Agreement

An equipment rental agreement is committed between the renter organization or an individual and Owner organization. This document comes into existence when a number of equipments & accessories are to be hired for heavy duty work.

Sample Equipment Rental Agreement:

Agreement No: ___________

Agreement is Valid From: ____ 20_____

Name of the Renter: __________                             Name of the Owner: _______

Company Name: _____________                              Company Name: ________

Address: ___________________                                Address: ____________

ZIP:   _______________________                               ZIP: _________

Valid official number: _________                                Official Number: ___________

Place of use:  _________

Type of equipment which is to be rented:


Number of equipments to be rented:


Duration for which the equipment is to be rented:


Other equipment accessories which are to be rented along with the equipment:

Name                                               Description

__________                                   _____________

__________                                  _____________

Terms & conditions:

The renter shall be responsible for the maintenance of equipments & accessories which are rented.

During heavy duty use, if any kind of harm is caused to any equipment, the renter will be held responsible for this and will be charged for compensation for repairing.

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