Equipment Purchase Agreement

An equipment purchase agreement is a legitimate document commenced between the equipment seller and the interested buyer, who is willing to purchase the equipments for some official, personal or commercial purposes. Such an agreement is based on the payment clauses, term & conditions and description of equipments.

Sample Equipment Purchase Agreement:

Agreement no: 496/ EPA

Date: January 31st, 2011

This equipment purchase agreement is made & entered between:

Details of the Equipment Seller:

Name: Eagle Manufacturer Pvt/ Ltd

Contact number: 6979 475 7989

Hereinafter called as the seller party


Details of the Equipment Buyer:

Name: Harrison Timberlake

Phone number: 7989 468 7989

Hereinafter called as the buyer party

The seller party is interested in selling the equipments, whereas the buyer party is willing to buy the equipments after accepting the mentioned agreement term & conditions.

This agreement is validating from February 1st, 2011.

Term & Conditions:

  • The seller party is selling the following mentioned equipments batch to the buyer party:

Equipment Name: Farm Ranch

Type: Agriculture equipments

  • The buyer party has already paid $ 7989 as an advance amount, whereas the pending amount of $ 38548 will be paid after the batch delivery.
  • The buyer party is purchasing the equipments at its own risk, whereas the seller party does not offer any kind of warranty.
  • Any kind of disagreement before agreement acceptance, this document will be considered as cancelled.

Acceptance of the Equipment Purchase Agreement:

Signature of the Seller Party:                             Signature of the Buyer Party:

Anna Smith                                                        Harrison Timberlake

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