Equipment Lease Agreement

The equipment lease agreement is made between the owner of equipments/ machinery and the lessee. Certain term & conditions have to be  mentioned and agreed by both the parties in the agreement.

Sample Equipment Lease Agreement:

Effective date of the lease agreement: __________

Agreement No: ____________________________

The equipment lessee agreement is made between:

The owner Organization (Name): __________Name of the Lessee Organization/ Individual: ________

Address of the Owner Origination: ________ Address of the Lessee organization: ________________

ZIP: _________________ZIP: _________

Official contact number: _________Valid Phone Number: _______

As per Equipment Lease agreement, the lessee put the request for hiring given equipments:

Serial Number:                                                                                 Equipment Name:

________________                                                                         __________________

Total Amount agreed by both the parties is ___________________

Whereas, the lessee is responsible for the total maintenance of lessened equipments during execution, any kind of harm caused to any equipment will be charged from the lessee organization/ individual.

The above mentioned equipments will be issued to the lessee from: ________20______ till_____ 20______

Signature of the Lessee: ___________   Signature of the Owner:  __________

Signature Witness 1: ___________

Signature witness 2: ____________

Place:______________   Agreement Date: ______________

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