Equipment Lease Agreement Template

An equipment lease agreement template is a fully detailed format for an equipment lease agreement. It states the terms and condition for the lease document. It can also be used as it is just by replacing names and other personal details.

Sample Equipment Lease Agreement


Terms of agreement:

This agreement is made on: [day], [month], and [year] and between:

Lessor:  [Lessor/landlord’s name]

[Lessor/landlord’s address with zip code]


Lessee: [Lessor/renter’s name]

[Lessor/renter’s address with zip code]

Date:    [Present date]

Location: [Location of equipment’s usage]

The agreement will be effective from: [Date of commencement of agreement] to [Date of expiration of agreement].

Terms and conditions:

  • Lease:

The lessee agrees to lease and rent from the lessor and the lessor agrees to rent the equipment to the lessee.

  • Non cancelable:

The agreement cannot be cancelled by the lessee under any circumstances.

  • Deposits:

The deposit must be paid by the lessee in form of advance payments.

  • Care and use

It is the responsibility of the lessee to keep the equipment in good working condition. Its repair and maintenance would be the sole duty of the lessee.

In addition to this, the location of the equipment cannot be changed without written permission of the lessor.

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